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Solo Guitar Music
Most of these publications are avilable as pdf files only. On completion of your order, you will be sent the files by email, so a valid email address is important.
Esquisses 1 print copy
Esquisses 2 print copy
Esuisses 3 pdf
5 Latin American pieces

Duo Guitar Music
4 Chinese Songs
Carolan Planxtys
Crystal Eden

Ensemble Music
Le Grazie - solo guitar and Guitar Orchestra
Cant des Ocells - Guitar Quartet
The Sandman Cometh - Two Guitar Quartets

Le Grazie pdf
Solo guitar plus guitar quartet
Version also available for
guitar and violin, viola, cello

El Cant des Ocells pdf
Version for guitar quartet
Lorca Concerto - Guitar Duo and Guitar Orchestra
Les Trois Douzaines - 2 flutes
Lorca Concerto pdf
Guitar duo and guitar orchestra
Version for guitar duo
and full orchestra on hire
Les Trois Douzaines pdf
Two flutes


Spanish Night 2

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