Duo Flamas and Guitar group Alegria conducted by Marleen Casteele

I am probably biased posting this, but this is a recent fine performance in Cambridge by the Belgian Duo Flamas of my “Lorca” Concerto, based very loosely on Spanish songs collected by the poet and musician, Federico Garcia Lorca.

The concerto is inspired by the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. The first movement is based on the battle cry of the Republicans, “Anda Jaleo”, the second is an uneasy lullaby based on “Los Mozos de Monleon”, a song likening a bullfight to war and the third movement is called “Los Reyes de la Baraja”(Kings of the Pack – a woman sings that, if a pack of cards has four kings, why should she not also have four men).

One thought on “Duo Flamas and Guitar group Alegria conducted by Marleen Casteele

  1. Hi Gerald
    thank you for posting this video on your blog. It’s great you like the performance of the Lorca concerto.

    But a little question: can you put my name correctly on the blog? I know, it’s a strange name, but I like the 3 ‘e’s in Casteele 😉

    kind regards


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